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Are You a Good Mom? Take this Test to Find Out!

It’s the age old question, “Am I a Good Mom?” We all desire and strive to be the best moms we can be, but it’s a tough job! How do you know if you’re making the right decisions or using the right approach to raising your kids? Well there is no right or wrong way! Just as long as you love your kids, and they are happy and healthy, then every mom is a good mom! Not convinced? This infographic from Kidecals is sure to answer the question once and for all!

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Beach 101: Packing for Toddlers

The clan is back from vacation and I've got some great ideas for your next beach trip with the kiddos! Although my children are toddlers, my Beach 101 packing list has items for everyone. We had the best time in Orange Beach, AL last week. It was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Orange Beach is beautiful. There are plenty of yummy restaurants to eat at and things to do for all ages. Maybe I'll do a restaurant review next!
Anyhoo, the kids loved the beach. Jareth loved swimming in the ocean and the pools while Laney enjoyed digging in the sand and picking up shells. Thanks to my father in law, Jon and I were able to get some good, much needed alone time. We spent our days between hanging out on the beach, eating yummy seafood, and lounging around the condo. I even brushed up on my Rook skills! It was a nice relaxing week.
Now onto the packing list. There were some smart mamas and papas on the beach while we were there. There were a couple of items I saw under some canopies that I was just plain jealous of. One was a baby pool. I admit it did cross my mind to take our little inflatable pool with us but it was an after thought and I didn't feel like deflating it and shoving it into our already packed-to-the-brim trunk. I wish I had! Little ones, like our 16 month old, love to play in the water but may not be quite ready or willing to play in the ocean. A baby pool is a great way to keep babies happy and shaded while playing on the beach. Something else I noticed was a large bucket with a hose and sprayer on the end. This would make cleaning off sandy faces and hands SO much easier! We came up with the idea to take squirt/spray bottles of tap water down with us. I also noticed a family had set up a pack n play under their tent. If you have an infant or a small toddler who needs a nap or simply a break from the sand, this would be so useful. So smart!
Most of the items on my list below are no brainers. However, there may be one or two that need an explanation. For example, the clear sheet of plastic. Dig a good sized hole in the sand near the shore and lay down the sheet of plastic. Use buckets to fill the plastic with water and viola, you have a pool! Please don't leave your little ones un attended though! Also, I listed jars with lids as a fun item to bring to the beach. Grab a couple of large mason jars and go on a shell hunt. You don't have to worry about they sand getting in your beach bag and it makes a pretty souvenir. There you have it, my Beach 101 packing list for toddlers! Do you have anything to add? Tell me in the comments section below!

Happy Father's Day!