Thanksgiving Printables to Frame

Lego Party!

Jareth turned five last month! To celebrate we had a Lego Movie party. At first he requested a "Power Ranger, Star Wars, Lego Movie" party. We narrowed that down to just "The Lego Movie," thankfully. Here are some pictures from the party. I hope it gives you some inspiration for your next Lego party! Thank you pinterest for some of these great ideas!

The Birthday Boy

I just love Uni Kitty!

Marshmallows dipped in yellow candy melts by Wilton. I painted the faces on with black Wilton Sparkle Gel. So easy and were actually really yummy! 
We served pizza and tacos. This was kind of an after thought but it turned out well.

The set up. I printed out pictures of The Lego Movie characters off of and put them up around the room.

I painted a Styrofoam block blue for the mallow pops.

I purchased a sheet cake from Wal-Mart and added fondant lego bricks and Lego toys to it. Easy! It cost me roughly $30 total, candles and all.

I found this paper pennant at Party City and added my own letter stickers and print outs to it. It turned out awesome!

I made the Lego backdrop out of red dessert plates and a red table cloth. Very cheap and easy. For the gift bags, I used inexpensive paper bags from the gift card section at Wal Mart and cut out foam circles to make them look like Lego bricks. I printed and cut out Lego figure faces and glued them onto square plates for the kids table.  

To make fondant Legos, I simply rolled out decorator fondant and cut it to size using a knife and Lego brick. To make the little tabs using the clear circle thing above. (I have no idea what that thing is or what it is called, sorry!) I simply smashed it into the fondant and using a tooth pick, I cut off the tabs that came through. To adhere the tabs to the fondant brick I simply dampened the top of the brick. They stuck great!

My bricks turned out imperfectly perfect.

I Vacuumed Out My Washing Machine

I'm not a failure. I'm a just a mess. I'm not a failure. I'm a just a mess. I'm not a failure. I'm just a mess. And mess is okay.

That's my new mantra.

I spent a good ten minutes vacuuming out my washing machine this morning. Yep. I remembered that I had washed a load of laundry yesterday afternoon and neglected to put it in the dryer. Not a big deal, everyone does it. But when I opened the washer to re-wash the laundry, I saw that everything was covered in something white. At first glance I thought it was just lint and that a towel or something was peeling very badly. I went to pull some of it off and realized that it was not lint, oh no! That would be too simple. It felt like damp tissue. IT WAS TOILET PAPER.



I pulled everything out and sifted through the items, covering the floor and myself with tiny shreds of damp tissue, and found cardboard from the rolls and a Quilted Northern wrapper. I had washed more than one rolls of toilet paper. There was tissue all inside the washer, stuck in the little holes that drain it. How did this happen, you ask. Well, we store the toilet paper above our washer and dryer on a shelf. Correction, we stored them on a shelf above the washer and dryer. I assume a pack fell in while I was doing laundry and I failed to notice.

I was completely annoyed and stressed out about the situation at first. I almost threw it all away but I'd have to buy new towels and yoga pants. So, I decided to take them outside to see if I could shake them out enough to toss them in the dryer and let the lint trap catch the rest.

There was so much tissue on the towels that when I tried to shake it off, it looked like it was snowing. I just started laughing. I yelled for my husband to come look and he smiled and my stress melted away for the moment. I had him take a video and I called my son downstairs to watch it "snow." He thought it was awesome.

Then I spent the next hour and a half shaking out the "snow" and vacuuming the deck, the floor, and the washer and dryer. The lint trap on the dryer got full eight times. I emptied the vacuum three times. It was nuts.

What did I learn from this experience? Aside from paying more attention to what I'm doing and what is going on around me, I learned to laugh at a stressful situation. I need to do more of that. We all do.

I am Not a Failure, I'm Just a Mess and Mess is okay.

I want to know who read my diary and decided to make a movie about my life. Fess up. Who did it??? I'm seriously about to go look for the hidden cameras and microphones in my house.

Last night some of the women from my MOPS group got together and watched "Mom's Night Out." It's the must see movie that you probably haven't even heard of. If you are a mother or are even thinking about being a mother, go right now to your local Redbox and rent it. Go ahead and grab some chocolate and some tissues as well. Grab a mommy friend or two also because I'm 100% sure that they need to see it too.

-SPOILER ALERT!- oh and be prepared for run on sentences, incomplete sentences, poor punctuation, and the like. Truth is...I just don't care right now.

"Mom's Night Out" brings to light what may be the hardest thing to master as a mother. Acceptance.

I have had three major goals my entire life:
1. To find a man who will love me more than anything else
2. To have a family
3. To stay at home with my kids until they are school aged

Check, check, and check. I'm living my dream. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, it wasn't easy to get here and now that I'm in this place.....well, it isn't all roses. Everyone tells me how lucky I am to be a stay at home mom. And I am lucky. I am blessed. But being a stay at home mom is overly romanticized. It's a lot of diapers and snot and tantrums and stepping on Legos. It's a lot of waking up every morning to a messy house that you swear you cleaned yesterday. It's going eight hours a day sometimes without one adult conversation and forgetting how to use "big words" because you your kids are 4, 2, and 8 months old. It's a lot of trying to fit into once well fitting jeans and doing my hair only to change two hours later into yoga pants and a ponytail.


It's a lot of feeling like I'm a failure as a mom. I'm a failure because my kids watch too much tv. Because they eat too many PB&Js. Because I don't stop what I'm doing and play with them every time they ask. Because the beds aren't made and I haven't mopped in like two weeks. Because they wear a dirty shirt to church and I forgot to cut their finger nails...again.

It's a lot of feeling like I'm a failure as a woman/wife. I'm a failure because I don't run and do crossfit like everyone else seems to be doing. Because I'm lost when it comes to current trends. Because I only wear high heels when I am FOR SURE going to be sitting wherever it is I am going (and I still slip them off as soon I'm sure no one is looking). Because I'm not contributing to society. Because I love to blog and never do it anymore. Because I don't pull my weight in this family.

It's a lot of feeling like I'm a failure as a friend. I'm a failure because I forget everything. Because I nod and smile while you tell a story and I am off in la la land thinking about something I forgot to do or need to do tomorrow. Because I didn't call you on your birthday. Because I didn't attend girls night. Because I'm pretty much out of touch.

It's a lot of feeling like I'm a failure as a daughter, sister, and granddaughter. I'm a failure because I don't visit often. Because I don't call near as often as I should. Because every time we talk, I'm complaining about something or someone. Because I am consumed by my own life.


What the movie last night made me realize is that the only person who thinks I am failing is me. My children adore me. My husband loves me unconditionally. My parents and friends understand because they've either been in my shoes or they are currently in the same boat as I am. No one is judging me. If they are...well, they can go fly a kite and I'm probably better off without them anyway.


Everyone accepts me for who I am except for me. God gave me this life because I am worthy of it. Isn't it a slap in His face for me to consider myself a failure when He created me, loves me, and has enough faith in me as to give me three of His children to raise?

I am NOT a failure. Neither are you. Life is messy. Motherhood is messy! To quote the movie, "I'm a mess. But I'm a beautiful mess. I'm His masterpiece, and that's enough."

So next time I feel like I am failing as a mom, a wife, a woman, a daughter, or a friend I will tell myself that I am not a failure, I'm just a mess and mess is okay.