Make a Rocket Ship out of Empty Paper Towel Rolls

 photo IMG_0509_zpse5779c67.jpg
What you need
1 Paper towel roll for the body of the ship
3 toilet paper rolls for the tip, wings, and feet (or cut paper towel rolls in half)
Tissue Paper
Clear Packing Tape (or other adhesive)

 photo IMG_0492_zps947873ff.jpg
For "feet," cut toilet paper roll (or one half paper towel roll) in half lengthwise
Cut opposite corners off
 photo IMG_0494_zps9e817d34.jpg
Attach to bottom of paper towel roll  and fold "feet" outward

 photo IMG_0501_zpscee6cf4d.jpg
Cut other half of paper towel roll lengthwise and cut "notches" out to make the shape of the wings
 photo IMG_0505_zps25249f38.jpg
Tape underside onto the middle of the paper towel roll

 photo IMG_0508_zpsa5d5d4cb.jpg
Cut open toilet paper roll and cut out a large triangle. Tape this piece to the top of the paper towel roll
 photo IMG_0498_zpsb41d844a.jpg
Ribbon cut a length of tissue paper careful to leave an inch or two at the top

 photo IMG_0500_zpsc535f377.jpg
Tape tissue to the inside of the paper towel roll at the feet
 photo IMG_0526_zps49cdebda.jpg
color to your heart's content
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